LADD Tower



Stone Materials
ST-1: Spanish Cenia Cream Limestone Honed
ST-2: Spanish Cenia Cream Limestone Polished
Square Footage
19,000 SF
Ladd Tower, LLC
Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects- Portland, Oregon
Stone Support
Steel Stud Frames
General Contractor
OPUS NWR Construction, LLC- Portland, Oregon
Completion Date
March 2009

Ladd Tower is a 23-story residential building that sits in the heart of SW Portland’s downtown cultural
district. Perched between the bustle of SW Broadway and the tranquility of the Park Blocks the 330,000 sf
structure encompasses all of the sophistication of a modern day high rise while reflecting the historic
charm of the area. Its south flank is home to the historic Carriage House and the preserved First Christian
Church, the former having been completely removed from the site during construction and then returned
and restored as a part of the redevelopment plan for the block. The street level podium, clad in 3cm
Spanish Cenia Limestone, displays a distinct elegance while blending seamlessly with the neighboring
churches, theaters, office buildings, and apartments. Designed with subtlety in mind, the transparent glass
tower mirrors the surrounding sky nearly concealing itself in the reflected hues.

The podium stone is largely a panelized system, constructed at an off-site location, and then shipped to
the project in a “just-in-time” format. This approach saved time and expense for the project eliminating the
need for scaffolding and allowing the framing, waterproofing, and stone installation to occur while the
structure is under construction. While advantageous for schedule, the panelized system created
challenges for waterproofing. Conventional details had to be adapted to allow for self-contained individual
panels that interface with the whole of the building enclosure. Each individual panel acting as its own
element of the skin, had to be completely detailed and waterproofed before it shipped to the project. They
also had to be designed and constructed to allow for the sizing and attachment of windows and glazing
systems. With the input and coordination of the builder, architect, and waterproofing consultants the
panelized enclosure came together in winning form like when you eat a bowl of Lucky Charms with the
intent of saving all of the marshmallows until the end … and succeed.

USGBC LEED Certification pending