Dimensional Stone Specialists

Columbia Stone, Inc. (CSI) is a specialty subcontractor that is driven to ensure the best design, fabrication and installation of natural stone and terra cotta cladding systems. We unite efforts with our clients and colleagues to devise timeless office buildings, museums, courthouses and hospitals.

Utilizing our experience and direct personal relationships with stone vendors around the world, we bring to the table a vast wealth of knowledge within the stone industry. We use our industry know-how to generate alternative solutions, while assessing their effects on both cost and schedule, and provide recommendations so that our clients can make an informed and appropriate decision for their project.

Our work reflects an enduring commitment to quality, service and integrity. Our dedication to upholding our commitments are recognized company wide, as well as shown in the workmanship of the prestigious projects we have completed throughout the Western United States. Confident in our abilities we are sure that everyone, from the estimators to the masons, from the design engineers to the superintendents, will help make your project one to be proud of.