Justice Center - High Resol

Justice Center 2 - High Resol

Stone Materials
Hautville (French) Limestone
Square Footage
46,000 SF
The City of Seattle
NBBJ Architecture Design Planning – Seattle, Washington
Stone Support
Steel Stud Panels
General Contractor
Hoffman Construction Company of Washington – Seattle, Washington
Completion Date
March 2001

NBBJ Architecture designed a truly unique building for the City of Seattle. The city’s goal was to have a multi-use building that would last 100 years, and at the same time would incorporate as many LEED™ building techniques as possible. NBBJ Architecture proved to be the perfect fit, as the Seattle Justice Center is now an iconic building for the city.

The two distinctly different facades coincide with two distinctly different tenants. The Seattle Police Department occupies the stone clad portion of the building while the Seattle City Courts resides in the thirteen story, mostly glass, section of the building.

One of the most distinct aspects of this project is the “Wall of Honor” in the Police Department lobby. The wall is constructed of stone tiles that can be removed and replaced with bronze casting, honoring a fallen police officer.

The project began as a design request, and was given to multiple stone contractors with an allowance for design and engineering costs. After this design phase was concluded all bidders submitted their design and quotation for the work proposed. The selected system was the panelized stone façade submitted by Columbia Stone, Inc.

The final design includes stone clad metal stud panels, secondary water barrier, including a caulk joint between the metal frame of the panels, traditional handset exterior and interior, and cubic copings. The metal panels were assembled offsite and were fully caulked ready for installation. The panelized designed allowed for a much faster enclosure time, allowing the interior finishes to begin.

The project had a very aggressive schedule as well as a very intricate design and fabrication elements. The Justice Center project was the first stone panel project on metal stud frames that CSI had completed. All previous projects were metal truss frames. The use of metal stud frames is now the exclusive design choice for all CSI panel projects. The project was very successful as the flagship project for the new Seattle Civic Center Campus and ties in with the second phase of the project, the Seattle City Hall, which is directly across the street.


U.S. Green Building Council LEED™ – Silver
Building Magazine – New Construction 2003 Honorable Mention